"You Must Manage the Sales Effort" Axiom

7. You Must Manage the Sales Effort

Prospect. Website. E-promotions. Tele-prospecting.

Retail sales in your market are the most profitable, so you should have a dedicated sales team to growing that account base and pay for local SEO to appear first in search engines. acts as your e-commerce solution to selling your products nationally. We built the interface, PayPal payment system, and dashboard tools to make selling your products plug-and-play. Our data entry team also helps upload an Excel spreadsheet of the make, model, serial #, unit #, description, price, etc. of all your products, as well as your pictures and videos. We can also setup your unique storefront, taking the information you already have on your website.

You are able to review your products and storefront before go-live, and the entire process is FREE until a product sells. You only pay for upside sales, and we only make money when we help you sell.

Minimal setup time and no cost to list with - not a bad deal!

Thank you for taking the time to read this review, and we look forward to serving you on!

The Eight Axioms for Used Equipment Management Success is written by Walter J. McDonald in his book, "Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance"

The book is available for purchase on their website:

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