"You Must Manage Used Equipment Prospects" Axiom Review

5. You Must Manage Used Equipment Prospects

Usually they are very different accounts than new machinery customers.

Used equipment buyers are typically contractors and small, independent rental companies who look to get the most value and life out of their assets. There are also many "junkyard dogs" who prefer to buy many of the same type of 20 year old machine to harvest parts to use to keep only 1 or 2 units running.

There are different value mindsets for a new equipment owner, compared to a second-hand owner, to third-hand owner, to forth-hand owner. Each buyer looks at machines differently. While a warranty might be very important to a new machine buyer, used buyers know machine sales are "as-is, where-is." However, all used equipment buyers are interested in the accuracy of the machine's description.

If the supplier is misleading the buyer about the condition of the machine, they are taking advantage of them. Even if a machine needs a significant amount of work - there's always a buyer who will be willing to purchase it for the right price. After all, even badly damaged machines still have parts intact that are usable.

This is the reason why has a 3 business day buyback guarantee on all used heavy equipment sold through the marketplace. A buyer has 3 business days to inspect the machine after the delivery date. If the buyer finds that there are issues with the machine that were not advertised, they can make a claim with the supplier. If the supplier and buyer ultimately cannot agree, the buyer ships back the unit and is refunded the purchase prices (less wire fees and freight expenses).

To head off these problems before they happen, buyers can message any supplier directly through All messages are tracked in user's dashboard so both parties have a record of what was discussed.

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