Detangling the Equipment & Parts Marketplace

Detangling the Equipment & Parts Marketplace:

How to Become a Smarter Buyer 

You work hard at building your business, so why does it feel like you have to work just as hard at researching and buying the equipment and parts you need? Buying instead of renting your most-utilized types of equipment can be a tremendous cost-saving measure, but it can be a headache!

Here are the likely scenarios of how you buy equipment and parts today:

- Call your local equipment rental business for the desired part. They rarely have the item in stock, and say they "will get back with you.”
- Research the prices of the equipment model or part online. Sites are riddled with "Call for Price” ads which take you no closer to figuring out
what the market rate truly is without manually calling each supplier.


We feature some of the best equipment dealers, aftermarket parts suppliers, and manufacturers in the US. Easily research your options and make a complete purchase with PayPal.

All heavy equipment purchased through comes with a standard 3 business day inspection period after delivery, so you have peace of mind. - Your Equipment Assistant.

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