Equipment & Parts Suppliers: Entering the Digital World

Equipment & Parts Suppliers: Entering the Digital World

The construction equipment industry today features the most amazing engineering designs in history. It is now possible for an atrium lift to reach 156' platform height, yet compact enough to fit through a standard double-door (see footnote link on the Teupen TL156AX)! Because of these incredible engineers, our machines are doing much more work while featuring comfortable cabs with heat, A/C, and Bluetooth radio for operators. In the physical world of machines, the construction industry has seen great progress over the last 20 years.

However, during that same time frame, other industries have been transformed by the instant, perfect, and free internet. Mobile information technology is the main way we shop for any retail item, listen to music, hail a ride, research cars for sale, book dinner reservations, book an airline ticket, book a car rental, and book a hotel room. In this digital world, construction equipment and parts transactions have lagged far behind.

Equipment and parts suppliers know they need an online storefront, but how? Suppliers have limited resources to allocate to fund R&D innovation, OSHA compliance,  production costs, overhead costs, legal claims, and marketing. Physical marketing, such as trade shows and on-site demos, take a considerable amount of resources in order to execute properly. All of these pressing priorities leaves little bandwidth to build out a robust online store, much less the funding for SEO.


Our marketplace platform was built to make it as easy as possible for aftermarket and manufacturer (OEM) suppliers to list unlimited inventory for sale and create their unique storefront for FREE. only takes a commission on completed sales. For a supplier, this is an all-upside proposition.

Suppliers have full control over the pictures, videos, and pricing of their products, and only pay when an item sells or rents. This effectively eliminates the headache of building a storefront. All suppliers need to do is decide which products to list, whether to pay to have them featured on the homepage, and keep the inventory levels up to date.

Thanks for reading this blog, and please contact me with any interest or questions.

We look forward to helping you sell more equipment and parts!

Luke Powers

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