Nov Seller Dashboard Overview

Leave open your dashboard to view all your orders, messages, inventory, storefront, and sales reports in real time. 
Main Dashboard - your 5 most recent orders, your 5 most recent messages, high level sales report
My Account Info tab - Please input all your information in the boxes 
My Messages tab - all your messages from interested customers
My Wallet tab - all your sales and payouts itemized
My Sales tab - all your sales reports by keyword and date
My Products tab - all your products listed. You can Pause/Edit/Delete right from the main screen
My Storefront tab - all the storefront information that will show on your branded page as well as your policies 
My Promotions tab - if you'd like to run promotions on the homepage
My Options/Variants tab - for any universal options you'd like to list (like painting a machine)
My Cancellation Requests tab - any cancellation requests from customers will post here
We hope your storefront is a strong revenue channel for you! If you have any questions please email or call 630-780-7500