Featured Supplier: Partner Equipment

Featured Supplier: Partner Equipment

Location: Kingston, NY

Partner Equipment & Partner Rentals are the latest companies that the del Aguila family has owned and operated to serve contractors and homeowners in New York's Hudson Valley. In 1992, the del Aguila family opened Kingston General Rental which became Best General which became Volvo Rents. In 2011, the family sold the business to a national rental company.

After successful positions with BlueLine Rental, Hernan and Ernesto del Aguila, the sons of the founder, introduced Partner Rentals back in their hometown of Kingston in 2016. Although they are a 2-year-old company according to the NY business record, local customers have trusted them for over 25 years. The del Aguila's are continuing their tradition of excellence and created another company called Partner Equipment to focus on equipment sales.

Hernan also has an information technology company dedicated to helping equipment rental companies get smarter about their decision-making through the use of mobile reporting tools, called Rental BI (business intelligence). Rental BI was founded in 2017 and has several large rental companies onboard so far: is proud to feature Partner Equipment as one of our first equipment sales suppliers. You can count on them to stand behind every sale!