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My father in law is Randy Truckenbrodt, the founder of Randall Industries in Chicago and the oldest Genie dealer in the United States.


I joined Randy in 2012 as the Strategic Director of US Markets, the sister company of Randall Industries.


There, I learned the ins and outs of the equipment rental industry and met some wonderful people along the way. This industry is filled with some of the hardest working entrepreneurs in the country and I fell in love with that.

80% of the rental industry is comprised of independent rental businesses with 20% being the national accounts. The industry develops more entrepreneurs and is comprised of more small businesses than any other industry I have witnessed.


However, a lot of times it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like the ratio is flipped and that the national rental companies make up 80% of the market.


I found very quickly the challenges that come with succeeding as an independent rental business. Competing with the national rental companies with a fraction of the resources, budget, buying power, and staff is very difficult.


Spending 6 years traveling the country with USM allowed me to meet many other independent rental business owners and the pains were consistent across the board. I realized that despite all of the listing sites and online platforms that existed, there was still nothing out there that really supported the rental industry.


Other options out there include listing sites that do nothing more for my brand than Craigslist does. There are online rental marketplaces that are simply arbitraging supply and demand, making a wide margin off of equipment they do not own and ultimately competing against other rental companies. And then there is auction, which we try to avoid at all costs to prevent receiving 50% of the fair market value of our equipment.


It was blatant that there was a lack of viable options to support USM and Randall Industries as brands while we faced an increasing pressure to utilize technology to adapt to the new era of equipment buyers.


This new era of equipment buyer is becoming more and more prevalent in the industry. Similar to how we buy homes and cars, the new era of buyer wants to do research and be self-informed on prices, reviews of sellers, product comparisons, financing options, warranty options, etc.

Buyers want to be closer to the actual purchase decision prior to contacting a sales person than ever before.


It became obvious to me that the industry was ready for a new platform. A platform that was built to support rental businesses, not compete against them or cut into their revenue. We needed to create a platform that equally supports end users, dealers, and OEMs to create a healthier industry as a whole. Technology needs to be used to enable, not replace the human element that is at the core of the industry.


This is why we launched


Gearflow is an online marketplace for construction equipment and parts, giving sellers a turnkey way to promote their brand and sell their products to a national audience of buyers. By way of the Gearflow marketplace, we enable data led sales and marketing for OEMs, dealers, and rental companies while providing buyers with a rich, personalized research and purchase experience.


We aim to support all three tiers of the construction equipment supply chain.


For contractors, we represent a better way to do research. By bringing together content, reviews, sellers, products, data, and 3rdparty services we can offer the best possible research experience to make the equipment and parts buying process easier. What we have in homes and auto, we are overdue having in heavy equipment.


For rental companies and dealers, we are an extension of their business. Dealers can list their entire inventory on their own digital storefront to receive offers throughout the lifecycle of their equipment and grow their brand online that they worked so hard to build offline. Having a storefront on Gearflow gives each seller the best chance of being found on Google without the cost of building and promoting a standalone website. Our mission is to level the online playing field for the rental industry to improve the health of the industry as a whole.


For manufacturers, Gearflow fosters a better connection between brand and customer. The marketplace represents a national network of prospective dealers for OEMs as well as a turnkey ecommerce platform to support their existing dealers. The data that is generated from this digital ecosystem enables informed sales and marketing enablement for OEMs which in turn means healthier balance sheets, more diversified client portfolios, and less marketing waste.


Gearflow was designed to help OEMs market more efficiently, dealers sell more effectively, and end users research more conveniently.


We are looking forward to working with you! 

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