Mistake #1: Thinking B2B Buyers Don’t Want to Order Online

Calling all construction equipment and part sellers - do you sell your products online today? Meaning users can easily browse product information, make a complete purchase, get order notifications, and make online return requests?

If not, don’t worry, the vast majority of sellers do not sell online, and can help! Let’s understand this myth that B2B buyers do not want to order online -

From the December 5, 2014 article, "B2B Buyers are Consumers Too”:

Both B2B customers and consumers value useful services that promote online convenience – such as self-service access to accounts and orders (72% of buyers) and scheduled deliveries (64 percent of buyers).
...Buyers exposed to strong omnichannel capabilities are likely to be more active, more loyal, and to spend more. B2B brand loyalty is being driven not only by predictable factors such as quality and cost, but also by digital experience. 80 percent of buyers noted the importance of credible product details and information, as well as an easy-to-use website – while three-quarters (75 percent) would buy again from the same supplier because of omnichannel features.

If you do not have an online sales strategy, these are eye-opening data points. What if your competitor’s sales team do not sell as well as yours in the field, but they outsell your company online? This stat shows that 3 of 4 buyers would rather make orders online to your competitor. was built as a turnkey solution for any construction seller to simply upload their products and GO! We handle:
  • Nationwide sales tax compliance & remittance
  • FREE unlimited product listings
  • FREE storefront showcasing your buyer’s reviews
  • Order management dashboard
  • Sales & conversion stat reports

How do you get started? Simply click on our "Sell” link at the top of our site, click the "Become a Seller" button, then follow the prompts. You will have dedicated account support to help setup your products and storefront. We look forward to helping you sell more gear!

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