Simplifying Equipment Rental

Simplifying Equipment Rental

When was the last time you checked equipment rental rates in your market? If it’s every time you rent - how much time does it take you to do so? If you haven’t checked pricing in a while - do you think you’re getting the most value from your current supplier?

Homeowners, contractors, and maintenance professionals are busy doing what they need to get done. So constantly checking on pricing is a hassle many do not want to deal with. Besides, even if you do bid out your rental and get a lower rate from an unknown supplier, you run the risk of getting a poor unit and poor customer service. This is why most equipment renters tend to stick with the same provider.

Now think about the last time you booked a rental car or hotel room - how did you do it?

You likely booked on a platform such as Expedia, Priceline, Airbnb, or These platforms  compare car and hotel options instantly instead of searching each provider’s website individually which saved you a great deal of time and money. Why isn’t equipment rental like that?

The short answer is that there are many different types of equipment compared to the few types of cars or hotel rooms, but the core transaction is very similar. You need to rent a 19’ scissor lift (for example), many suppliers have them, and you want to view their reviews, pricing, and book.  

But now it is with

Enter in your equipment rental need and instantly compare the reviews and pricing of local suppliers. Book the option with the best value and move on with your day! You get automated emails confirming your rental and when the machine is on the way.

Then manage all aspects of your rentals in your dashboard: My Orders, Off Rent Requests, My Messages, Reward Points, and more!

Our mission is to continuously improve the convenience, selection, and management of parts and machinery. Our goal is that you feel more confident and educated to make the best equipment decisions for your business.   Thank you for taking the time to read. - Your Equipment Assistant

Luke Powers

Founder & President,