Top 10 B2B eCommerce Mistake #3: Not Providing a Mobile Experience

The third biggest mistake businesses make when selling online is to ignore mobile functionality, according to BigCommerce. 
61% of B2B buyers use smartphones to research work purchases and 60% say mobile plays a significant role in purchases.
If how we buy our daily retail items is any indication of this preference, then it's no surprise that we also want to buy wholesale parts, supplies, and equipment for work online. It's far easier to compare supplier reviews and prices in a few minutes than to manually call suppliers for quotes and references. Moreover, we want to research parts and equipment on our time - early mornings, nights, and weekends.
If you are a seller considering building your own website for parts and equipment sales, make sure it has HTML5 capability for mobile device capability. What is HTML5 capability you ask? HTML5 is the technical term for websites being mobile-optimized to look and feel smooth on smartphones. Basically, when you use your smartphone to look up a website and the experience looks and feels similar to an app, that's a website built in HTML5. 
If your site is not optimized for mobile (native app or HTML5) then consider listing your products with for free. ALL the pages on our site are built on HTML5 and mobile-friendly. That means all your product pages and branded storefront page will be usable on a desktop or smartphone. Generate sales, offers, and messages from buyers no matter what device they use!
Also, you have full access to your dashboard tools using a smartphone. There's no need to remember to Add or Edit a product later on your desktop - you can do that right from your phone! Check out our sales tools to increase your e-commerce presence and manage everything on-the-go: Sign Up to Sell Here 

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