Top 4 Reasons to Purchase Anti-Theft Devices

Top 4 Reasons to Purchase Anti-Theft Devices

There are additional costs associated with stolen construction equipment that include renting replacement equipment, lost productivity, schedule delays and increased insurance premiums. Delays can lead to missed deadlines which can result in hefty penalties. So we can safely estimate this figure to be over $1B when all costs are included. 

Equipment owners typically try to avert this problem by putting barb wire on their fencing and not allowing as many employees to handle the keys. Those are good measures, but experienced thieves have a way of cutting wire or opening the gate after-hours…

The main problem is that the thieves know that most equipment types use the same keys. So they simply steal or "borrow” one set, make many copies, and plan their attack. The only sure-fire way to prevent construction equipment theft is to install a code-operated keypad ignition system.

Think of the protection on your email address and social media accounts. If they require a two-factor authorization password, then your $50,000 machine should as well! 

The Top 4 Reasons to add an anti-theft system to all of your equipment:

1. Control - If someone uses your machine, either a renter or another contractor, control who at their company has the code. This prevents other users from starting your machine without the permission of the person you trust. If you want to grant one-time use, you can program the system to only work for 1 use. This has the added benefit of preventing unauthorized wear and tear on the machine.

2. Easy installation - The system should work on any piece of machinery with a 12/24 volt system. That voltage spec covers the vast majority of equipment made. 

3. Universal Fit - So you can add the same system to all your equipment which simplifies the setup process and familiarity with the product. Every machine should have their own unique combination that you should change regularly.

4. No Time Loss - It takes just as long to punch in a 4 digit code as to manually start the ignition with a key. This means that you will only benefit from the upside of anti-theft protection without the downside of lost productivity. 

If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to visit the product page for the Universal Keyless Anti-Theft System by UKey. This system was developed, tested, and now used by equipment professionals. They developed it to protect their own machines and it worked so well they turned it into a business!

Check out the product page here: UKey Anti-Theft System