"You Must Know the Used Equipment Market" Axiom Review

3. You Must Know the Used Equipment Market


Update values semi-monthly, preferably weekly from your national network of competitive dealers.

EquipmentWatch data is a great service to sign up for to regularly update the valuations of your fleet. EquipmentWatch has the most tracking bots across the web for the best auction, wholesale, and retail machine valuations by make, model, and year.

If the cost of EquipmentWatch is too costly, then check and around the web for the most recent competitive pricing on your machines.

An equipment dealer can drive the highest valuations on their assets by selling retail in their local market. This is done by knowing your customer's needs well and doing sales demos of the machines. However, all customers check online to understand the make, model, and pricing of the unit(s) they are looking to buy. Everyone has an abundance of choice at their fingertips.

If machines do not sell locally that are at the end of their useful rental life, then is an excellent place to list them. For heavy machine sales through, a dealer only pays a commission of 5% upon sale, instead of 15% commission to auction houses. The dealer also does not have to pay freight to an auction house, and can likely sell for a higher valuation (wholesale value) then bottom-dollar auction value.


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The Eight Axioms for Used Equipment Management Success is written by Walter J. McDonald in his book, "Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance"

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