• Brand: McCormick
  • Model: Front Axle Left Drive Shafts
  • Serial or Part #: 3216600R91-3216599R9
  • Condition: New



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Waukesha, Wisconsin

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        This is a special Drive Shaft Replacement Kit containing OEM Part Numbers 3216600R91 and 3216599R91 at a savings of almost $90!
        Drive shafts typically wear in the yoke, and it is often difficult to detect unless the driveline is being torn down. Owners of these tractors know how difficult it has become to find original parts, so why settle for salvage or aftermarket Drive Shafts when you can have the new OEM originals designed for your model today?
        These were received directly from McCormick and are authentic.
Fitment Suggestions: International Harvester models 533, 633, 733 and 833 (352 mm. length, refer to A on the diagram)
PLEASE NOTE: While SR Sales attempts to provide accurate fitment suggestions and Part Number cross references, this information has no expressed or implied warranties and our customers are encouraged to research and determine which Part Number is correct for their exact machine. SR Sales will not be liable for incorrect or inaccurate fitment information.
*Measure A on diagram to see length
Special Availability Notice: Only 1 remaining in stock. Does NOT include Spider Joint Part Number 89524C1
OEM Part Numbers Affiliated With This Item: 89522C1, 89525C1, 3216557R1, 934653R1, 3221939R1, 3404789R1, 3216589R1, 930107R1, 3216588R1, 712992R91, 3147244R1, 3216587R1, 3216586R1, 3229803R1, 3229802R1, 3134225R1, 934652R1, 3226008R1, 3226009R1, 3226006R1, 3405555R1, 3216585R1, 3226042R91, 934654R1, 3216590R2, 3216594R1, 3216593R1, 3216619R91, 625743C1, 3216598R1, 3230876R1, 3230877R1, 3230348R1, 3216558R1, 933800R1, 712824R1, 3216592R1, 3143564R91, 3216620R1, 3216583R1, 3216591R1, 934655R1, 3216582R1, 933074R1, 3147578R1, 3147209R2, 3216581R1, 3147212R1, 3147211R1, 3216580R1, 3216579R1, 3147210R1, 933328R1, 3140535R2, 930244R1, 932840R1, 933717R1, 713845R1, 933565R1, 933222R1, 934651R1, 934650R1, 3216574R1, 3216577R1, 3216576R1, 3216575R1, 934642R1, 3217887R1, 3217886R1, 89523C1, 89524C1 and 3147584R1.
Message us for more details about these new original drive shafts!

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