American Rental Association (ARA)

American Rental Association (ARA)

Illinois, United States

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The American Rental Association (ARA) is the international trade association for owners of equipment & event rental operations and manufacturers and suppliers of rental equipment. The current membership includes more than 10,500 rental operations and more than 1,000 manufacturers and suppliers.

The American Rental Association's purpose is to promote the success of our members and advance the growth of the equipment and event rental community.

Our association's strong but mighty team of employees work every day to support the rental community through the development of educational materials, government advocacy, risk management, and so much more. We're dedicated to embracing the changes of the future and ensuring our members are ready to face whatever comes their way.


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Reviewed byLuke

From Google Maps review, September 2019:

Great team at ARA! Fully renovated offices within the last couple years, it has open desks, great kitchen (and coffee), and conference rooms. Modern feel but laid out to spark conversations and gatherings. - Luke Powers

Reviewed bySteve_Mau

From Google Maps review, year 2018:

The industry leader providing guidance and insight into the equipment and event rental business. If you want to get involved in the industry, this should be your first call. - Steve Mau

Reviewed byAlberto

From Google Maps review, year 2018 - Alberto Pianelli


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