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Illinois, United States

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What makes Ben's Rental and Sales an exceptional and reliable rental facility?
Many of our clients are impressed that Ben's Rental and Sales:

- Established in 1967 we have 40 years of experience.
- All of our technicians are fully trained and qualified to meet your rental needs and wants.
- Our customer services achieve above and beyond any large corporation.
- Our knowledge not only on the equipment that we rent but the wide variety of applications the equipment is used for.
- Our team can assist you with any projects, to ensure that the job you have is completed as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.
- Our Team never has time to rest we are always doing maintenance on our equipment to make sure you get the best out of your rental experience.
- Our dedication to not only the jobs we adhere but you the customer.


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Buyer Reviews

Reviewed byAnni

From Google Maps review, June 2018:

Brought in a new lawn mower that me and the hubby couldnt get to start they let me know what the problem was fixed it and explained everything in detail they also rent out some other equipment thanls for the help guys - Anni Canchola

Reviewed byJohn_Letts

From Google Maps review, June 2018 - John Letts

Reviewed byPeter

From Google Maps review, year 2018:

Great emergency service and prices. During the large snowfall this past February our snow blower broke down and a friend recommended Ben’s Rental. When I called, Bobby said “bring it in” which I did right at closing. He took the time to try some “quick fixes” that did not work so had to leave it overnight and was able to pick it up around noontime the following day along with friendly advice on how to avoid the problem in the future. I will be back! - Peter Frigo


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