Bobcat Enterprises, Inc.

Bobcat Enterprises, Inc.

Ohio, United States

A Letter from our Founder

When I started Bobcat Enterprises in 1975, I wanted to have my business reflect what I learned as both an equipment mechanic and a salesman. Customers want service”¦ before, during and after the sale!

This means service to help you choose the proper equipment for your application, service to help you secure the financing or lease to best suit your needs, and service for preventative maintenance, parts, and operation/safety training.

I’m happy to say that my initial philosophy is still working today. Our steady flow of repeat customers proves that service is the key to a satisfied customer. Our Bobcat team provides hassle-free service because we know downtime is a loser and keeping your equipment operating efficiently is a winner”¦ for both of us!

We listen to what you want as your dealer and our employees continue to consistently offer the best equipment service in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana regions. We proudly stand by our original commitment ”“ 100% customer satisfaction.

Thomas L. Trapp


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