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Bunce Rentals

Washington, United States

Bunce Rental, Inc. is a full service, tool and equipment rental company serving the greater Pierce County region of Washington State. We are dedicated to providing well-maintained equipment and information for all of your construction, home project, landscaping and equipment rental needs.

Originally located in Tacoma Washington, Bunce Rental started as an equipment sales business in 1946 and began renting equipment with a relatively small inventory, which included small tractors, tools and small contractor items. Sales and rentals continued until 1957 at which time the business became exclusively rental under the operation of Norman Greenfield.

The business continued to grow during the 1960s with the addition of numerous product lines, which included bulldozers, tractors, trailers, trucks, specialty tools, office equipment, medical equipment, party & wedding supplies, and even a fleet of vacation trailers!

Since that time Bunce Rental has remained locally owned and operated with locations in Tacoma, Puyallup, South Hill Puyallup and the Parkland-Spanaway area. We also have two independent divisions: American Medical Rental & Supply, with locations in Tacoma and Puyallup that rent and sell durable medical equipment and supplies; and American Party Place, based in Tacoma and serving the Greater South Sound Region with party and special event rental equipment.

While Bunce Rental has seen a lot of changes since 1946, one thing remains the same - our commitment to providing local businesses, contractors & homeowners with the finest brand name tools, equipment & service in the Greater Tacoma / Puyallup area. As a long time member of the local community, our goal is the success of our customers, our community and our business.


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