Dahl's Equipment Rental

Dahl's Equipment Rental

California, United States

Dahl's Equipment Rentals, Inc. has been in business in San Jose for over 40 years, and as a result we have developed a unique business environment where service is the foundation for ALL of our operations. The key to our success and the philosophy that sets us apart from other rental companies is simple...

Unlike our competitors, Dahl's Equipment Rentals understands the importance of all of our customers, regardless of their size, or the volume of business they give us. Whether you're a homeowner, work for a small company, or belong to a large corporate concern, you will receive the same level of exemplary service that all existing or potential customers deserve.

Dahl's Equipment Rentals carries the most comprehensive inventory of rental equipment in the Silicon Valley. Generally in the equipment rental industry you will find companies that primarily carry large construction and earth moving equipment, and those who only carry small tools and homeowner equipment. At Dahl's Equipment Rentals we feature the best of both worlds, and provide our customers with a wide variety of all kinds of equipment for almost every application and project that needs to be done.

At Dahl's Equipment Rentals we provide a level of support which is unmatched in the industry. In addition to providing our customers with complete written and demonstrated operation and safety instructions, we also offer equipment operator certification training services. If you prefer to study directions at your own convenience, we supply customers with a full line of instructional videos at no additional charge. When you've
got a project task, and you're not sure how to accomplish it, our sales staff will be more than happy to visit your site and utilize their expertise to help you determine the equipment you'll need to get the job done safely, and within the constraints of your budget.


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