George's Tool Rental

George's Tool Rental

Pennsylvania, United States

Latest Equipment...Classic Service! is the lifeblood of George’s Tool Rental. This family-owned, local business has serviced the Bucks-Mont area in Pennsylvania since 1970 and continues to grow everyday. This business makes a point to never forget their humble beginnings.

Phil Leber was 46 years old when he began his new business venture of owning George’s Tool Rental. He wasn't necessarily looking to purchase a company, but the opportunity arose, and he seized it. In fact, a friend from church who worked as a realtor had listed GTR, so Phil took a look. The deal included everything: building, equipment, even the house on the property. Phil got the whole business for $48,000. Even today, he recognizes what a good investment it was.

The George's of today has grown significantly since Phil and Bert kept a tray under the kitchen counter to keep cash and checks. Now employing 28 people over three locations, George's strives to serve the Bucks-Mont area with their renowned service. When asked about the challenges the business provides, Al replies with "daily," with a slight chuckle.

While George's has had its ups and downs, it continues to take strides every day, broadening its customer base while tending to its current regulars, servicing equipment carefully, ensuring the best quality, all the while sending it out with a smile.


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