Midway Rentals & Sales

Midway Rentals & Sales

Michigan, United States

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Midway Rentals & Sales is a premier, one-stop destination for industrial and commercial construction equipment and supplies. Centrally located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Midway ships parts and equipment nationwide.

At Midway, every piece of equipment is well maintained and handled with care. Technicians assist customers on site, to ensure the longevity of machinery. Between each rental, equipment is given a thorough inspection with all preventative maintenance performed, meaning Midway truly is the best place to get all of your used equipment!


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Buyer Reviews

Reviewed byScott_Paris

From Google Maps review, March 2019:

Very competent staff. Great to work with. Always have rental equipment in good working condition. - Scott Paris

Reviewed byMatt

From Google Maps review, February 2019 - Matt Greer

Reviewed byCharlie_Tremblay

From Google Maps review, December 2018:

They got everything whatever you need very helpful even got me a peice of steel out of there stock. - Charlie Tremblay


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