Sunbelt Rentals - Mount Prospect, IL

Sunbelt Rentals - Mount Prospect, IL

Illinois, United States

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We equip customers for success. Our vision is built on providing uncommon responsiveness no matter where, no matter what. On supporting our customers with solutions that bring value to any project. From the small projects to the industrial giants. For the planned or for the unplanned.

We're one of the largest equipment rental companies in North America with more than 825 locations. As we grow, our expertise, product range, and specialty solutions grow too. We're paving the way to serving our customers' many needs. That's the power of Sunbelt.

We empower our team to make the hard things easier, and anticipate and exceed the needs of everyone we serve. From making the right decisions for our customers to being with them every step of the way. We make things happen, no matter where, no matter what. We're proud to provide jobs for over 10,000 Americans. Our employees are our greatest asset, and although we present a comprehensive equipment offering, our expertise and service are what truly distinguish us from the competition.

The future starts today. We're leading the way in innovation, service and opportunity. We're constantly innovating - from smarter rental management technology to pioneering safety and training programs. The future belongs to those who know where to turn when challenges arise, who make obstacles disappear, and who get things done. A future that we'll own, beginning today.


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Buyer Reviews

Reviewed byChu_Bakka

From Google Maps review, May 2019:

If you ever have to rent equipment so obscure that you can't find a place that even sells it, chances are good this place has one for rent - Chu Bakka


From Google Maps review, February 2019:

I like this place they have just about everything I need every time I called him a maze what they rent - KIKIWATT ELECTRICAL

Reviewed byJason_Rumohr

From Google Maps review, February 2019:

Great customer service, everything you need in inventory! - Jason Rumohr


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