Triple E Equipment, Inc.

Triple E Equipment, Inc.

Florida, United States

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The World’s Most Advanced Electric Mini Skid Steer

When people think of battery-powered construction equipment, Triple E Equipment needs to be the first thought. We provide battery-powered construction equipment as a safer, more productive and environmentally sustainable equipment option.

SHERPA is the first manufacturer to introduce an electric mini skid steer. The 100ECO is just as powerful as its “combustion engine” counterparts and is particularly suitable for interior work. At only 29.92 inches wide, the SHERPA 100ECO can easily fit through a standard US doorway even while leaving the door on the hinges.


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Buyer Reviews

Reviewed byJehanzaib

From Google Maps review, March 2019 - Jehanzaib Azam

Reviewed byJB_JB

From Google Maps review, January 2019:

Their products work as promised and they're honest about what they provide. Not just looking for a sale, they discourage you from buying any of their products that they don't think will work for you.

Had a small issue with warranty, so just make sure you fully understand the warranty information as it applies to parts, service, etc because they're different.

Overall experience was great 5/5. - J B

Reviewed byEvan

From Google Maps review, January 2019 - Evan Glickman


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