Triple E Equipment, Inc.

Triple E Equipment, Inc.

Florida, United States

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The World’s Most Advanced Electric Mini Skid Steer

When people think of battery-powered construction equipment, Triple E Equipment needs to be the first thought. We provide battery-powered construction equipment as a safer, more productive and environmentally sustainable equipment option.

SHERPA is the first manufacturer to introduce an electric mini skid steer. The 100ECO is just as powerful as its “combustion engine” counterparts and is particularly suitable for interior work. At only 29.92 inches wide, the SHERPA 100ECO can easily fit through a standard US doorway even while leaving the door on the hinges.


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Buyer Reviews

Reviewed byJehanzaib

From Google Maps review, March 2019 - Jehanzaib Azam

Reviewed byJB_JB

From Google Maps review, January 2019:

Their products work as promised and they're honest about what they provide. Not just looking for a sale, they discourage you from buying any of their products that they don't think will work for you.

Had a small issue with warranty, so just make sure you fully understand the warranty information as it applies to parts, service, etc because they're different.

Overall experience was great 5/5. - J B

Reviewed byEvan

From Google Maps review, January 2019 - Evan Glickman


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